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Ekumal Video Gallery

Uploaded - February 22, 2019
Dome Home in Mexico is Architect's Dream of Eco-Tourism -

This Tiny Dome Home hotel located in Akumal, Mexico, offers an eco-tourism Airbnb as an alternative to the typically wasteful resort stay.

Uploaded - May 15, 2020
Nos mudamos a casa de tierra,

Una noche en casa de super adobe, un hotel ecologico, las habitaciones son casas ecológicas de tierra, conocida como eco domo, Ubicada en villa duendes afuera de el pueblo de Akumal mexico es un hotel ecologico, con domos echas de tierra.

Uploaded - May 13, 2018
Villa Duendes represents the expression of a young and experimental architect, creating a genuinely unique, mythical and restful atmosphere nestled in the heart of the jungle. Fully organic and environmentally friendly the domes were constructed using a unique building method developed in the middle east to resist heat, flooding and earthquakes.

Uploaded - September 14, 2021
Ekumal Lifestyle Vlog - Beach Clean Up -

Meet our Regenerative lifestyle at Ekumal, today our team organized a beach clean-up at Akumal's Beach.
Join the immersive jungle experience.

Event Date - November 2019

Mar Amor joined forces with 6 other organizations for a weekend beach clean-up in the protected biosphere nature reserve known as Sian Kaán in Tulum. In 2 days with over 150 volunteers, we were able to remove over 1 TON of plastic and garbage that has washed up on the beach. 
Video created by Harrie from Salty Projects

One day at Ekumal, heavenly place in Mexico

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