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Ekumal & Villa Duendes

Ekumal was created by the conscious minds of our international community. It’s a glowing example of how we as humans can live in balance with our surroundings here on Mother Earth. The grand mission of Ekumal is to heal our planet of the excessive human exploitation that it is experiencing at the moment. We want to unite our energy to help and heal our planet.

Ekumal Principles

We live the culture of “Kaizen” and of “impact”. We strongly believe in the power of Kai (continuous, change) and Zen (improvement, good) on small and large scales and in every area of life. When “Kaizen” becomes our mission, when we practice it in our daily lives, habits, ways of communicating, operating a business and treating our planet, we can only bring positive change to us as people and as a global community; we create the impact on the planet that we need.

Our mission is to the planet

Inclusion - Everyone is welcome
Be great to each other
Self-expression - Be & express yourself with respect for the recipient. No judgment.
Share what you have in abundance.
Support - we empower each other through action, connection, resources & constructive feedback.

Kaizen Communal Effort - we value creative collaboration & cooperation. We strive to produce, promote & protect networks, spaces & ways of cooperation that support such meaningful interaction.
Activism is Doing - the world will be changed by your actions, not by your opinion. We seek to do good & create impact in everything we do. From a kind smile to a global activation, your actions lead our future.
We initiate this with a donation-based event. We encourage sharing and trading between vendors and guests. In case of a surplus, all proceeds are donated to the community center. By sharing what we have in abundance, we all have what we need.



At Ekumal we are on this mission by implementing sustainable systems

in our construction and into our daily habits. We installed solar panels on

almost all our roofs so we receive up to 90% of our energy through those

systems. Also, our water system is heated by the power of the sun.


We installed twelve upcycled lithium batteries of Tesla so we can store the

energy in the most efficient way. Our construction is a hybrid of upcycled

material and innovative new ways of construction, like implementing

non-recyclable eco-bricks in the walls. We take action right down to the

small details, like separating our trash consciously.



As our human body consists of 76% water we believe the best way

for our organisms to stay healthy is to drink the purest and most alkaline water. At Ekumal we are developing a water treatment plan, collecting rainwater and then combining it with cenote water so we create a new more alkaline water that can heal and nourish our bodies on the highest level.



Our latest project is the integration of Syntropic Agroforestry into our system. We would like to use the land on the side of Ekumal to grow our own vegetables and fruits. Syntropic Agroforestry makes that possible without weakening the soil and the land in general. It takes the advantages of each plant to benefit the others, by growing them side by side.


The initial idea has always been to make Ekumal a fully sustainable ecological center, which functions autonomically and organically. Another part of this vision is to transform minds into a more eco-friendly mindset by providing the knowledge we have gained over the years to everyone who asks for it. (Universities, Healers, Guests, Friends, Family, and Communities.)

Ekumal Solar Panels

Our Vision

The grand goal of us as a community concerns 1,300 hectares of land. We want to protect it and conserve it as well as its biodiversity and wildlife. By uniting our masterminds all over the world we hope to encourage a change toward a new balance between us as humankind and our environment.  The vision is a combination of ancient techniques of conservation facilitated  
by modern financings like NFTs and Crypto. 

We want to implement a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to reach our goal of buying 1,300 Hectares of land here in the jungle of Akumal. This will be accomplished by subdividing the land into several parts, which investors then can buy in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). So the investors get the chance to preserve the land using new ways of generating abundance through NFT  trading. Just that in this case the value of NFTs´ will be taken out of the metaverse,  manifesting in an actual piece of land in need of preservation. 

The vision we have for this piece of land is to donate it to UNESCO, keep it a natural reserve and make it a world heritage site. In terms of legal support, we count on our partner, the Mar Amor A.C. association to protect this land. We would keep 2% of the land to use for roads of fire prevention and observatories. Part of it will be used to create syntropic agroforestry to grow organic food, creating an oasis for the new world.

How can you help support our Mission & Vision?

You can make a donation and/or stay with us! Even one night in the jungle at Ekumal will not only feed your soul but it will help us continue to grow and do what we do! 

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