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Ekumal is the perfect place to join us or to host your experience! Set deep in the heart of the jungle, far away from everyday distractions, is a magical place that has the power to bring people together, to connect people with themselves, and to create lasting changes in each person that comes here.

Ekumal Events
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Join us or let us host yours! 

Nestled deep within the lush, untouched heart of the jungle, our eco-friendly retreat center is a haven for nature enthusiasts and seekers of inner peace alike. Surrounded by towering trees, our retreat center offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. With a commitment to sustainability, we've seamlessly integrated eco-conscious practices into every aspect of our center. We host a diverse array of retreats, from yoga and meditation to wildlife conservation and wellness workshops, all designed to foster a deeper connection with both oneself and the natural world. ​To see what upcoming retreats we have, check out the calendar, and if you are interested in having a retreat at Ekumal, connect with us! Click below! 


Events & Ceremonies

Some examples of what you can experience at Ekumal:   

  • Sound Meditation

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Breath Works

  • Jungle Cinema

  • Shibari - Japanese bondage

  • Aura Cleansing

  • Aromatherapy Experiences

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Temazcal

  • Ancestral Healing

  • Full Moon

  • Reiki

For upcoming dates, be sure to stay tuned to our calendar! Click below! 



If you're looking for a venue, check out what we can offer!

Depending on the type of event that you would like for us to host at Ekumal, we can offer, but are not limited to, some of the following services:

  • The venue and use of spaces

  • Light, sound & music

  • Catering/Food

  • Various types of therapies 

  • Transportation

  • Ceremonies, Classes, Workshops

  • Local tours & Special Experiences   


For detailed pricing and photos, please follow the link below. 

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