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Future Projects

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Why Calakmul?

  • Calakmul is probably the best area to protect, conserve, and repopulate the UMA jaguar population. 

  • Calakmul is a great producer of honey which is important for the local economy. 

  • Overall, it’s one of the most preserved areas intact for the conservation of the jaguar and all of the biodiversity that exists there. 

The Main Objectives

  1. Our objective at Ekumal is to create an eco-center with a GREATER vision in jaguar conservation and secondary, a sustainable hotel industry that will economically support the local communities. 

  2. Acquire the minimum needed 10 thousand hectares of protected land to create a healthy habitat for the conservation and reproduction of the jaguar. 

  3. Build corridors within the National Park so that visitors can walk through the jungle and explore without affecting the ecosystem. 

Calakmul Ruins
Honey Bees

The Communities

This project will have such a positive impact on the surrounding local communities. We want to educate the communities on environmental management, conservation, and ways to bring tourism while protecting what they have.      

Provide structured work and training for the eco-center, the hotels, and the tour guides. 

Work will be given in the production of honey and wax.

Provide job opportunities and give priority to the locals. 

Workers will be mostly from the same community and bring specialists in each subject from other towns if necessary.

Potable water for the entire community with a comprehensive center for the transformation of rainwater and water from sub-surcharge so that the community is self-sufficient.

The same eco-center serves as a school, university of ecology, and symbiosis with the environment has the function of educating and giving well-being to new generations.

The development plan could be extended if the pilot program works well, to give social welfare to all integrated communities, bringing new inventions technological that make it possible for social and ecological sustainability.

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