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Ekumal & Villa Duendes Architecture

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Ekumal is an ecological center with hospitality options set up as a retreat center, located in the

middle of the jungle of Akumal. We live in a sustainable community in an eco-incubator with

a focus on creating a positive impact on the planet. When you become part of the space, you

become part of the solution. You can discover the depth of the jungle and unwind in an

environment created to be in balance with its surrounding nature.

What makes Ekumal EXTRA SPECIAL?


The Ekumal Center

The Center, which consists of three floors and a roof-top is surrounded by the jungle and its magical vibe, which gives creators, innovators, and like-minded personalities

of the new world, of the new era, the space to express their visions and ideas to the ones ready to receive them. It is a multifunctional space, that applies the principles of invisible architecture. It's ‘ black color and the addition of plants onto the structure, that will cover most of it, make it actually disappear into the jungle. The tower on the top of the structure imitates an old Mayan ceremony, where you kneel down before entering the space to show your respect. This is why on the way up to the tower, you pass through a very small

entrance, before entering the highest point of the structure.


The Earth Dome

The Ekumal Domes are constructed as geodesic spheres, their organic round shapes appear similar to a spaceship, reaching up into the sky ready to fly off into the universe! The Domes and their geodesic form, combine the architectural principles of compression and pressure to maintain themselves. They represent the combination of the old era and the new world, mixing materials like wood and palms with new structures of metal, all being toped by beautiful Boho rustic interior design.


Villa Duendes is part of the Ekumal wing and is the origin of what has become a dream come true for the founder/architect, Diego Zamora.

There is no other place like Villa Duendes/Ekumal here in the Riviera Maya. From the architecture to the manicured grounds, to the positive energy people share, it is without a doubt a magical place.

Villa Duendes is just a few steps to the eco-center structure that provides the perfect space to take some time for yourself.

The place offers seven spaces to host guests: The Luxury Dome, The Organic Dome, The Cave, The Hippie Dome, The Hipster Dome, The Jungle Loft, and the main house the Tree House. It has its own pool and chill area and its‘ proper kitchen and dining area in a beautiful jungle setup.


The Hippie Dome

The Bio Architecture of Villa Duendes manifests in Super Adobe Domes. They are inspired by the round and organic shapes of nature. The construction is simple, durable, and maintains four great qualities that most constructions nowadays rarely consider. They are resistant to hurricanes, earthquakes, and flooding, and they are even bulletproof! The walls of the domes consist of 90% red adobe clay mixed with a small percentage of water, calcium, and cement. The material is filled into bags, which are then stacked, compressing them into a single unit, a firm and stable monolith. The round shape of the dome and its thick walls of 50 cm, create a comfortable environment that makes you feel safe and protected, your own little bunker you may say. The noise-canceling sensation created by this kind of architecture creates a silent environment, perfect to go within and reconnect with yourself.

FUN FACT: It's a technique created by Doctor Nader Kalini in Iran in the 80s to protect refugees from the harsh climate in the desert and from the dangers of war.


Solar Panels

At Ekumal we are on this mission by implementing sustainable systems in our construction and into our daily habits. We installed solar panels on almost all our roofs so we receive up to 90% of our energy through that system. Also, our water system is heated by the power of the sun.

We installed twelve upcycled lithium batteries of Tesla so we can store the energy in the most efficient way. Our construction is a hybrid of upcycled material and innovative new ways of construction, like implementing not recyclable plastic as eco-bricks in the walls. We take action right down to the small details, like separating our trash consciously.

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