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A Little More About Ekumal

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

The space of Ekumal facilitates a grand variety of activities.

We host several types of events that resonate with our principles of protecting and helping the environment. It is a space to share ceremonies of any kind and enjoy a great experience together.

Cacao Ceremonies, Healing Treatments, Massage Therapies, etc. are just the tip of tree tops.

There are basically no limits to what we can actualize together here at Ekumal, as long as we create it with love and in sync with our nature. You can visit for a day or even get married here.

We want to give people a place where they can express themselves, educate themselves, and grow. A place without fear, without judgment, and a place to evolve into the best version of yourself.

In addition to our ecological lifestyle, Ekumal has become fully emerged into the social movement against plastic pollution of our oceans and beaches. With beach clean-ups & new volunteers every day, we are growing a network of enthusiastic collaborators aiming toward saving marine life and land biodiversity.

Read more about our Non-Profit Organizations - Our Partners - Mar Amor / Mas Amor

Our vision

The grander vision concerns 1300 hectares of land. We want to protect it and conserve it as well as its biodiversity and wildlife. By uniting our masterminds all over the world we hope to encourage a change toward a new balance between us as humankind and our environment.

The vision is a combination of ancient techniques of conservation facilitated by modern decentralized financings like NFTs and Crypto.

We want to implement a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to coordinate ourselves and our NFT holders in stewarding the 1300 Hectares of land here in the jungle of Akumal. This will be accomplished by subdividing the LLC that owns the land into shares, which investors then can buy in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). So the investors get the chance to preserve & store their value inland and take advantage of new ways of generating abundance through

NFTs. Instead of buying digital land in the metaves, investors can contribute to stewarding real land that is in need of preservation.

The vision we have for this piece of land is to donate it to UNESCO, keep it a natural reserve, and make it a world heritage. In terms of legal support, we count on our Partner, the Mar Amor AC association to protect this land. We would keep 2% of the land to use it for roads of fire prevention and observatories. Part of it will be used to create syntrophic agroforestry to grow organic food, creating an oasis for the new world.

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