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Be Part of the Solution


About Ekumal

Ekumal is an ecological sanctuary with hospitality options set up for retreats, located in the middle of the jungle of Akumal. We live in a sustainable community in an eco-incubator with a focus on creating a positive impact on the planet. When you become part of the space, you become part of the solution.

Ekumal is a multiverse - allowing any kind of experience design in a safe & sacred space - while inviting you to be creative to create truly transformative experiences in the heart of the Mexican jungle. 


At Ekumal we welcome and offer overnight guests, retreats, events, collaborations, ceremonies, workshops, and a community inviting all sustainable seeking souls to the mission of preserving nature and conservation of wildlife.  

Ekumal Architecture

Villa Duendes  

The Bio Architecture of Villa Duendes manifests in Super Adobe Domes. They are inspired by the round and organic shapes of nature. Their construction is simple, durable, and maintains four great qualities that most constructions nowadays rarely consider. They are resistant to: hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding and they are even bulletproof! 

Ekumal Domes

The Ekumal Domes are constructed as geodesic spheres, their organic round shapes appear similar to a spaceship, reaching up into the sky ready to fly off into the universe! The Domes and their geodesic form, combine the architectural principles of compression and precision to maintain themselves. They represent the combination of the old era and the new world, combining materials like wood and palms with new structures of metal, all topped with a beautiful boho rustic interior design.

Fire Dome
Pet Friendly Ekumal

Amenities & Services

We want Ekumal to be a place where you can come to experience many beautiful things and we know that means that your environment is very important to that process. We take pride in the details and special touches found in every corner of our little paradise in the jungle. 

We understand that your furry companion is just as important as anyone else in your tribe, which is why Ekumal is PET FRIENDLY! Please take note that there are 2 resident dogs and a spunky cat that live here full time as well as neighbor pets that stop by to say Hola. 

If you are planning to stay with us for a night or 3 months, just visiting for an event, ceremony, or retreat, you can go to the "Amenities" page to see all that we have to offer our guests. 

You may come as a guest but will leave part of our Tribe!

Stay with Us!

Ekumal by Villa Duendes is a space of many happenings all focused on sustainability inside and out. Come and stay in our eco domes resting above the jungle. You will never experience a place quite like this.

The original section of the property known as Villa Duendes consists of The Tree House, La Cueva (The Cave), The Organic Dome, The Luxury Dome, The Hipster Dome, The Hippie Dome, the swimming pool, and the shared community kitchen where we gather and make unique eats. 

The newer section, known as Ekumal, is home to The Center, which consists of three floors and is surrounded by the jungle. The magical vibe, gives creators, innovators, and like-minded personalities of the new world, and the new era, the space to express their visions and ideas to the ones ready to receive them. Stay in the Earth Dome, Fire Dome, Air Dome, or Fire Dome. Check out all the mind-blowing rooms we have to offer!

Ekumal Events

Ekumal Calendar 

At Ekumal we welcome and offer collaborations, retreats, events, ceremonies, workshops, and a community inviting all like-minded people to join us. 


We are always looking for interesting experiences to bring our community together. We gather together locals as well as travelers to share their talents, medicines, practices, traditions, etc with others enabling each one of us to leave Ekumal with a greater understanding and knowledge that benefits our everyday lives. 

Click the button below, bookmark the page, and stay up-to-date on all our future happenings. We want to welcome you to the Tribe and look forward to seeing you here in the lush jungle of Akumal. You won't want to miss what is coming soon!

How Ekumal Was Born

Have you ever heard the saying, "Things happen for a reason"?

Of course, you have, probably all the time, especially when things aren't going the way you planned. That's exactly how what we now know as Ekumal was born. You'll find this a VERY interesting story, I promise. 

Sometimes we can spend weeks, months, or even years planning to arrive at a moment in time when life or the universe or a higher power takes us on a totally unexpected detour from our well-panned-out path. What we tend to forget is that the path we had planned on taking isn't and wasn't the one that was meant for us from the beginning, we just didn't know it. In a single second, in a blink of an eye, something can happen that forces us to abandon our initial dream, yet provides us with a new one that far passes what we could ever imagine. 

This story begins with a dream, involves a stolen bicycle, and brings us to a magical place in the heart of the Mexican jungle. Click the button below and let us take you on a journey!

Beginning of Ekumal
Image by Chris Abney
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