Join Us for the BEST Yoga Retreat of 2022!
Astanga & Yin Yoga 

October 17 - 21, 2022     To reserve your space go to the Calendar page 

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The Retreat Includes: 

  • Vinyasa yoga and Yin yoga practice 2 times a day

  • A FREE massage  

  • Two meals a day from vegan to seafood

  • Tea, water, and coffee bar

  • Accommodation in 2-bed designer rooms 

  • Use of the 2 pools filled with natural water from the underground. 

  • Laptop-friendly workspaces

  • Use of shared kitchen 

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Also Includes: 

  • Take part in a Temazcal

  • Ancestral medicine ceremony

  • Sound healing and meditation 

  • ART therapy with a professional painter

  • Seminars on Asana Tuning, yoga philosophy

  • Chakra cleansing meditation 

  •  Pranayama

  • An excursion to the legendary Chichenitsa and Cenote

  • Gather around the great fire

  • Stargaze on the Tower's rooftop

 I am a yogini with an independent practice for 10 years after a trip to India where I practiced Tantra Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa there. I  graduated from the teacher course of Patanjali Yoga School in St. Petersburg and regularly attend teacher courses and seminars with European and American yoga teachers. During this time, I have found my own approach to the harmonization of my Ego, my physical and energy body, and my emotions, and I am still on the way to improving my technique. 

Lena Tallonen

The meditative and concentrated state for finding your own style of practice, that is, suitable for your own body and consciousness. I found my own approach to improving the body and spirit of my students and helping them in this search.

My mission is to make yoga a regular and effective tool that changes the body, thinking, and life for everybody. I do not just guide practitioners through a series of Ashtanga Vinyasa poses, but I lead my students to study their bodies and practice independently – Mysore style.

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Camille is a movement teacher and bodyworker with a deep love for sharing the healing practices of yoga, Thai Massage, and Ayurveda through her sessions, classes, and workshops. Camille’s passion for movement initially inspired her to travel to Bali for her 200-hour yoga certification with  Claudine and Honza Lafond of YogaBeyond. While traveling in Southeast Asia she found a deep interest in practicing and studying Thai Massage, an ancient healing art that she incorporates into many of her teachings. Teaching movement and mindfulness is one of her many passions along with writing, traveling, dancing, and being anywhere people are gathered to move, connect and find the truest expressions of themselves.

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Camille Sharoni

Each of us wants to have constant access to peace and relaxation, to find parts of ourselves in the whirl of the day’s events, emotions, and desires; to find peace for our mind, body, and soul; to feel the silence and return to ourselves.

What does this popular phrase “return to Yourself" mean? To find the original Self, a pure consciousness not burdened with any temporary troubles, self-awareness in every moment.

Yoga always and everywhere will be a way out of any situation, because a more balanced system of knowledge and practices for harmonizing one's body and emotions on a subconscious level has not yet been invented. 

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is a traditional, active, and dynamic form of yoga that requires a high degree of concentration. It generates an inner heat that cleanses and purifies; creates a strong, flexible body; and brings clarity to the mind. Those who practice it passionately find that the Vinyasa system provides rapid progress and tangible results. 

The effect of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is similar to the effect of restarting. With its help, our bodies are freed from physical and emotional scars. They become playful and imaginative. And I will become your reliable guide on this interesting path of self-knowledge and my practice.


If you... 

  • Like yoga or dream of starting your own practice...

  • Want to take your yoga practice to a totally new level... 

  • Unload and free your brain from everyday duties... 

  • Want to relax, feel your physical body and establish contact with your spiritual self...

  • Want to disappear from reality to calm yourself in a  beautiful place in the middle of an exotic jungle next to the Caribbean sea...

Then this Yoga retreat is exactly for you! Now is the time for you to give yourself this luxury gift! 

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Ashtanga Vinyasa


Yin Yoga

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