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All Ekumal Memberships include: 

  • Vinyasa & Aero Yoga, Capoeira

  • Workspace, pools, tower, water & tea bar

  • Know more about ecological techniques, super adobe, agroforestry & jungle preservation programs.

Terms & Conditions

  • Day Pass 10 am - 6 pm (Extra time = Extra Fee) 

  • Classes need to be reserved in advance via WhatsApp +52-866-130-6630

  • No access during private retreats*

  • We reserve the right to refuse service. 

  • TO CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP: You will be charged monthly for your membership and will receive a notification email 3 days before it is due to be automatically renewed. You can cancel by following the link in the email or WhatsApp. It must be canceled within 24 hours of this email or you will be charged the full month - NO refunds. 


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